Better and Faster AI,
with Creativity.

Designovel explores boundary of impossibility by transforming human sense
and experiences into higly accessible data and reliable AI.

Better Tomorrow
with Our Technology.

Our leading technologies offer innovative insights via various solutions including
Trend Analysis & Forecasting, Market Sensing and Product/Service Planning.

The Most Advanced
Fashion AI in The World.

Designovel leverages the gap between cutting-edge AI technology and
our daily life via fashion trend forecasting and design recommendation.


Designovel’s AI is
Expanding and Growing.

AI has been progressed by processing various data as we desire in a form of technology of solving in fast and convenient manners.

Beyond numbers, texts, and images, 3D has entered the current period.
By adopting the change, Designovel have been growing by expanding to 3D through developing and building technology.

  1. 01


    • Linear
    • Non-Linear
  2. 02


    • Supervised
    • Unsupervised
  3. 03


    • Transformer
    • Generative
  4. 04

    3D Deep

    • 2D or 3D
    • Deep Motion

Service & Tech

Designovel Service & Technology

Designovel provides technology of processing the crucials steps required in most of operations yet labour-intensive, which are Trend Recognition, Market Analysis, and Product/Service planning in affordable and fast ways.

Contents Generative AI

Using the core technique such as Metri Learning, Multimodal Embedding and etc, we retain the techonology to create contents that meet the user needs.

ARaaS (Analysis & Reporting as a Service)

We provide SaaS solution that user can obtain insights for making major decision in fast and convenient manners.

AI-Based Commerce

Based on Designovel's own techonology, we are challenging various categories of commerce.

  • Branden


    We introduce and design items that light up your valuable days and bring little happiness and better life.

  • Dali hotel


    Through classic and dazzling office wear we pursue romantic life style.



    We present contemporary wear that was progressed with the inspiration of bright playful daily life and lovely mood.


History of Designovel

  1. 2022

    Selected as a Baby Unicorn
  2. 2021

    Selected as a solution supplier for the ‘Data Voucher Support Project’ by the Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency.
    Proceeded Market Sensing Project with 'GS Retail' through Keyword Trend, Image-Centered Portfolio Analysis and Image AI Search.
    Completed resolution and similarity test of designs generated by Automatic Design Generative AI with "Korean Testing Laboratory(KTL)"
    National Top honor of Minister Prize AI Contest
  3. 2020

    Series A (3 billion won) investment attraction
    Selected as Microsoft ‘Startup Acceleration Tier 1 Program’
    Selected as NVIDIA ‘Inception Program’
    Selected as a solution supplier for ‘AI Voucher Support Project’ by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency
    Released AI flower incorporated apparels with "E-Land Retail"
    Launched the new brand 'de MonZ' with 'Lotteon', utilizing Auomatic Design Generative AI.
    Proceeded the project of AI Trend Prehension Dashboard Contruction with 'Shinsegae International'
    Proceeded the project of AI Trend Prediction and Consumer Analysis with ‘PPB Studios’
    Released apparels with 'Comodo' by utilizing Automatic Design Generative AI, reflecting the theme of "beachcombing"
    Completed the perfomance test of Fashion Data Analysis (NER, Search Ranking, Trend Anaylsis, Demand Forecast, Inventory Optimization, and etc), Design(conditional generation) AI Technology, and Prediction of Sales Volume for Inventory Management through 'Telecommunications Technology Association(TTA)'
  4. 2019

    Selected and completed Google ‘Google for Startup’
    Proceeded the project of AI data based subdivided analysis of consumer with ‘F&F’
    Top of the World in ICCV "Fashion IQ Challenge"(Unitary Model, 3rd place in total)
    Presidnet Prize of K-Startup King of Kings
  5. 2018

    Selected as TIPS program for technology development R&D business by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    Naver D2SF ‘Campus Tech Attack 2nd’ selection and completion
    Attracting seed (1 billion won) investment
    Participated in KIC Washington-Halcyon Showcase, USA
    Selected as a resident company in Google Campus Seoul
    Released AI generated items with Hyundai Department(Handsome SJYP), utilizing Automatic Design Generative AI.
    The Grand Prize of POSCO 'Idea Market Place'
  6. 2017

    Designovel founded
    The Grand Prize of University Technology Startup Idea Contest in Pohang
    The Grand Prize of POSTECH 'Guamegi Startup Competition'


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